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1 March 2021 - 19 March 2021
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Lanolines Stella's flexible molecular distillation processing unit (wiped film and short-path evaporators).

Lanolines Stella is a world key player in the refining of lanolin products.

ISO 9001/15 and GMP Excipact certified, Lanolines Stella is world wide famous for High Quality products and tailor made customer service.

Its clients are among the most prestigious actors in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

Always at the forefront of the most efficient purification technologies, Lanolines Stella now extends its activity to the high-performance purification of vegetable and animal oils and fats.

In the frame of its diversification strategy, Lanolines Stella now offers toll-manufacturing / processing services via a highly technical industrial tool: a full and flexible molecular distillation processing unit (wiped film and short-path evaporators).

Moreover, to better meet the needs of our future customers, we have also invested in a laboratory pilot molecular distillation to determine the most appropriate parameters that meet the objectives of our customers.

Those versatile equipments makes it possible to distil, thus completely eliminate or greatly reduce, heavy compounds or molecules present in oils and fats of our customers.

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