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1 March 2021 - 26 March 2021

LIPES PROJECT WORKSHOP – Life Integrated Process for the Enzymatic Splitting of Triglycerides

    The LIPES project is dedicated to bringing the first market replication of greener and healthier fatty acids with the scale-ip to pre-industrial level of a new environmentally friendly alternative to the traditionnal and current splitting routes of triglycerides. 

    The objective was to create high purity bio-based intermediates and end products from vegetable oils and fats: New low trans FA for food application, high quality fatty acids leading to new grades of C36 and C44 dimer acids and co-polyesters.

    The LIPES approach replaces current thermal hydrolysis and saponification production routes, instead using a new enzyme-based, environmentally friendly alternative.

    Using this approach makes the process far more resource efficient, saving at least 45% water, 70% enzymes and 80% energy over current approaches

    Videos on the video-on-demand section are available from March 1st to March 19th, 2021
    Registration is mandatory for this video. The host of the workshop reserves the right to approve the list of viewers and grant access to the video

    The workshop will be available on the video-on-demand section of BIOKET  2021!

    More info on the project at lipes.eu
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